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2012 International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials (ICDIM)


the deadline for submission of proceedings papers has been extended to July 22!

Submission of manuscripts for the Proceedings of ICDIM 2012 is now open. Please click here for more information.



Conference group photo is available for you to download here!

ICDIM Registrant List for the 2012 Conference: Here!


The 2012 International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials (ICDIM 2012) is the 18th edition of a series that began in 1956 at Argonne, USA, with the meeting “Color Centers in Alkali Halides”. International conferences (ICDIM) take place every four years and are alternated with Europe-specific conferences (EURODIM). The series is a broad international forum on the science and technology of defect-related phenomena in crystalline and amorphous wide band-gap materials. Recent ICDIM Conferences were held in South Africa (2000), Latvia (2004) and Brazil (2008).

ICDIM 2012 will be held concurrently with COSIRES 2012 (Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids). COSIRES 2012 is the 11th edition of this conference. The biennial conference is a major international forum to present and discuss the recent achievements in the advanced computer modeling of surface and bulk phenomena stimulated by all forms of irradiation. Fundamental understanding of these phenomena is often not accessible by experiments, since they occur on very small time and length scales. A vigorous development of both computer hardware and theoretical methodologies which has occurred in recent years has pushed the field into the forefront of a modern science.